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Adults Jiu-Jitsu Program

At Bay Jiu-Jitsu, we have been offering high level martial arts training in the Bay Area for over 10 years. Our coaches, through years of competitive experience in multiple combat sports, have developed a succinct and effective teaching method, not just for seasoned competitors, but also for those just beginning their Jiu-Jitsu journey.


Beyond teaching quality martial arts, our goal is, and has always been, to provide the best possible training community for everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

What is Jiu-Jitsu? And is it right for you?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a combat sport that focuses on takedowns and control on the ground. The strategy is simple: get in close to your opponent, take them down, control them on the ground, then deliver a choke or joint lock that will inhibit your opponent’s ability to continue fighting. The success of brazilian jiu-jitsu can be attributed to a simple rule set that awards positional control and dominance. A submission is a win. This grappling-centric rule set was introduced into a no rules format and the results were pretty obvious: grappling was an important factor in real fights that many martial arts were neglecting. At Bay Jiu-Jitsu, we prefer to focus on these “combat sports” that have an athletic component rather than a purely self defense style of martial art that deals with lots of theoretical techniques that haven’t been proven to work under duress.

Bay Jiu-Jitsu could be right for you if you are in one of these situations:

  • You are interested in learning how to defend yourself.

  • You have an inactive lifestyle. Since COVID happened, you work from home more often, sit at a desk most of the day, and don’t move around like you used to. You feel sedentary, frustrated, and overwhelmed. You don’t know how to start, so you haven’t yet.

  • You live a somewhat active lifestyle. You feel fit, but you are not actively progressing your fitness forward. You have your routine, but are starting to feel stagnant, and have lost that sense of motivation that you used to have. You miss challenging yourself and looking forward to new hobbies and activities that stimulate your body and mind.

  • You work out regularly. You are building strength through crossfit or weightlifting, but you have nowhere to put that strength. You are gaining flexibility through yoga or stretching, but you don’t have a place where you can apply it. You feel curious as to how you can apply your skills to new challenging physical hobbies and activities.

  • You feel more disconnected from people than ever before. With so much of the world’s activities moving online, you miss that in-real-life connection you used to get from your real-life hobbies. You feel isolated and miss the feeling of community.

If any of these situations speak to you, you need to start training at Bay Jiu-Jitsu.

Come train with us and after the first 3 months I promise that you’ll be astounded with your progress towards your goals, achieve feats you didn’t dream possible, and build an incredibly strong community of training partners. I tell all our beginners, “You’ll be a new person in 3 months” for a reason. It’s completely true, and I can’t wait to see your transformation after you start training.

“This place is awesome & Stephan is an amazing instructor. I always leave feeling good & I love that it's both a physical and mental challenge. Stephan gets to know everyone's name and is super encouraging which makes it feel like a community. Joining this gym was the best part of my year so far!"

- Casey M. 

Here's exactly what you'll get after your first month of training with us:
  • Multiple weekly classes with world-class instructors which consist of:

    • Cardio and drill warm-ups and stretching

    • Jiu-Jitsu technique instruction

    • Partner drilling

    • Sparring (technique application with resistance)

    • Cool-downs 

    • Discussion / Q&A time

  • How to fall without hurting yourself.

  • Understand the soft skill basics of being a good drilling partner.

  • Variations of basic jiu-jitsu positions.

  • Both attack and defense strategies from multiple grappling positions.

  • Exclusive access to Bay Jiu-Jitsu’s private Facebook group that will help you connect with the community, ask questions, and share wins.


Don’t waste hundreds of dollars going to gyms you don’t love. Join us as a member of our community and receive unlimited access to classes and training for $240 per month. We do our best to provide as much value as possible and charge a fair price. 


If you aren't sure a membership is right for you, we also offer a variety of class pack options starting with our new local student intro deal of 3 classes for $39!


If you are a full-time student, emergency personnel, teacher, low income, or part of a large family with multiple members who wish to train, please email us to hear more about available discounts.

Flexible Pricing

Versatility is key. We love to give our students options of payment because every situation is different. Ask us about our discounts for teachers, first responders, full-time students and low-income families.

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100% Guarantee or Your Money Back

We're so confident in our program and community that if you don't feel like you are learning, growing, and improving by the end of your first month with us, we'll give you 100% of your money back. No hard feelings!

"Bay Jiu-Jitsu has become my second home. Stephan along with everyone I take classes with are extremely welcoming, helpful and community oriented. I have learned SO much in the 9 months since I've joined. I'm hooked and you're stuck with me!"

- Emily Martinez, Animal Nutritionist

Emily Martinez
Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to class? Preferably wear bottoms that are free of pockets, belt loops, zippers, drawstrings or loose fabric. Wear a short or long sleeve shirt like a t shirt or rash guard with no pockets. Please don't wear tank tops.

Is jewelry ok? It’s beautiful, but not recommended.

I’m unable to physically practice, can I audit the class? Class is where we come to learn but often we drill and practice outside of class. You may certainly audit and ask questions and participate in discussions.

Any pre-class hygiene tips? I'm not trying to scare anyone away, but you will be very close to your training partners. There is no getting around it. Do the things that you need to do to be clean. Come to class clean. If you are one who trends toward having body odor, come showered with deodorant. Cut your finger and toe nails. Brush your teeth. Wear clean clothes and no reusing your gear. Don't forget your hair tie for longer hair. Always shower as soon as you get home. Help with the sanitation of the mats. Remember this is for the good of all your training partners.

How much does it cost? See our Pricing section above for our full list of options. We love to give our students options of payment because every situation is different. Ask us about our discounts for teachers, first responders, full-time students and low-income families. We also have family plans available if multiple people want to train. If you are a new local student, we offer intro deals so come check us out!

How many times should I train per week? There is no set amount although the more you train the faster you get. We do not "hold back" techniques for beginners. You are limited only by your desire to learn. Twice a week is a good starting amount for the recreational practitioner. 4-6 days a week is recommended for those who with to be competitive in tournaments. You should listen to your body and ease into this rigorous practice slowly. We do not require sparring in every class. It is ok to come in and just drill the techniques and only spar sparingly.

Still have questions? Contact us.


Bay Jiu-Jitsu, Japantown

1628 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


Opening Hours

Please check our online schedule for the most up-to-date hours.

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