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Train with us at Bay Jiu-Jitsu!

We provide comprehensive, focused and engaging grappling and self defense classes for both the competitive and recreational practitioner with our world-class kids and adults programs in Mill Valley and San Francisco.

New Student Offer - 3 for $39

This is where to start. This will kick your jiu-jitsu practice off. We would like to welcome you into our gym where we've created a warm, friendly and challenging environment for adults and kids.

*Normally $120!

*Normally $120!


Registration for our kids camps are now open! Your child will enjoy learning jiu-jitsu while making friends, playing games, going to the play ground, and building important life skills like teamwork, empathy, critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership.

Adults Program

Achieve incredible feats with incredible people

Everyone come to jiu-jitsu classes with different goals. Whether you wish to increase your self defense skill set, have a good workout or train for competition...our goal is to transform you in 3-6 months with capabilities you never knew you had. 

Kids Program

Build confidence, coordination, & teamwork

Kids have access to so many activities these days. A common need in all of them is the power of confidence. With 2-4 days of jiu-jitsu a week, each child will have the ability to compete in jiu-jitsu or use the mindset to go into other activities or sports with more vigor and intensity. Jiu-Jitsu builds a "never give up" attitude. We have classes for ages 4-16.

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