Who We Are

Our vision is to offer accessible and world-class training to people of all ages, sizes, genders, and backgrounds in the multiple athletic programs offered. We serve not only athletes, but anybody looking to learn new skills, get in shape, have fun, and join our community.


Welcoming & Competitive

Bay Jiu-Jitsu was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making martial arts learning easy and accessible to all people. Since opening in 2008, we’ve had the opportunity to work with countless students as they acquired foundational skills, developed new techniques and confidently moved forward in their learning journey. Known as one of the most welcoming and competitive Martial Arts School in the San Francisco Bay area, we provide a wide range of classes to support students from all backgrounds and levels. Our jiu-jitsu team participates in local, state, national, and international tournaments, but many of our members practice for the sake of fun, fitness, and overall self-defense. We welcome all motivated people with an atmosphere of inclusivity while providing top-notch instruction.

What Drives Us Everyday

Bay Jiu-Jitsu exists to provide people with the tools and training they need to build confidence and strength in all aspects of their lives. We do this through martial arts and fitness classes, online content, products, events, and community that challenge our students to push beyond their comfort zone and overcome physical, mental, and emotional challenges.


Bay Jiu-Jitsu is built around five core values, and they are the foundations of our culture.



We know that discomfort accelerates our growth. We get out of our own way. We embrace challenging situations that make us stronger. We don’t fear failure, we learn from it. We make moves, not excuses. We understand quitting is not an option.



We are open-minded when it comes to new ways of approaching problems and jump at the opportunity to learn from others. We welcome constructive feedback and grow from it. We challenge the status quo by seeking clarity and asking questions. We know that what got us here won’t get us there.



We believe in our core that we are changing our lives and the lives of our training partners. We wake up every morning ready to be the best and give the best version of ourselves to our community. If a teammate needs help, we step up to the plate and help them. If we notice a problem in the gym, we take action to make sure it gets resolved.



We welcome a friendly training environment to anyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or race. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We work well with others, communicate directly and respectfully, and set clear expectations. We are positive, optimistic, and bring each other up.


We are committed to living our best lives as a whole. We train consistently, take care of our bodies and minds, and live true to our own personal values. Our discipline, commitment, and tenacity translates into our daily lives outside of the gym. When life pulls us down, we stand up and get right back at it.

Our Team
Stephan Goyne


Stephan has been training and competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1998. He received his black belt in 2010 after winning numerous gold medals at brown belt level in various national and international tournaments, including the IBJJF American Nationals, East Coast NAGA, and the American Cup. Since then he expanded his training into SAMBO and Combat Wrestling, and won the FICW masters World Championships in 2016. Stephan has developed a progressive and unique model for teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to children, influenced by his extensive previous youth education experience as a certified classroom teacher in Oakland, and youth gymnastics coach. He now holds his 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Chris De La Madrid


Chris has been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 10 years, and received his black belt from Stephan Goyne in 2018. He has been teaching kids and adults since 2010. He has trained with Richard Bresler, Gustavo Gasperin, and former UFC heavyweight champion, Fabricio Werdum. In most recent years he has been training with Bay Jiu-Jitsu's SAMBO and grappling coach, Reilly Bodycomb. He also spent time in Brazil, and trained there for about a year. Chris is a dedicated and passionate instructor, and in his free time, is continuously learning, innovating, and doing what he can to share his knowledge with those who train with him.

Reilly Bodycomb



Reilly teaches a progressive approach to grappling that is heavily focused on dominating the clinch range with throws and dynamic submission entrances. Reilly has repeatedly proven this method in competition and reached the rank of 1st in the USA and 5th in the world at 68kg in SAMBO Wrestling (FIAS 2016). Along with his foundation in SAMBO, Reilly also holds the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and has achieved competition success in a variety of other combat sports including submission grappling and MMA. Reilly offers many instructional videos and grappling seminars all over the world through his online resource Rdojo.com.

Megan Bodycomb



Megan earned her masters degree in Art History from Hunter College in New York City in 2010. She taught science and social studies in inner city schools in both New Orleans and Oakland before transitioning into a management position for a series of residential and commercial spaces in downtown Berkeley. Now working full time at Bay Jiu-Jitsu, her experience with children makes her an excellent resource for the parents and the coaching staff, and her experience in management makes her indispensable to the day-to-day operation of the gym.


Bay Jiu-Jitsu was founded in 2008 by Stephan Goyne and initially housed inside of K-One Fitness in San Francisco. Three years later, the academy got its own home with the opening of the first facility in Japantown SF in July of 2011. The academy grew in July of 2012 with the opening of the second facility in Oakland/Piedmont. The third addition to the academy was in July of 2013 with the opening of the Mission SF facility. In March 2016, the Bay Academy outgrew its original east bay location in Oakland/Piedmont, leading to the opening of our facility in Berkeley, minutes from the University of California campus. Our story came full circle as the original K-One Fitness gym decided to merge with Bay Jiu-Jitsu resulting in our most ambitious project and flagship facility, Bay Combat Sports, located in Pac Heights in SF.


Then COVID happened. Unfortunately we had to close down our Mission SF gym and the brand new Pac Heights SF flagship facility due to the pandemic. Today we continue to operate and train in our Japantown SF and Berkeley gyms safely following city and CDC COVID-19 guidelines.