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The Intermediate Classes are specifically designed for the experienced students who understand the basics of jiu-jitsu, and are prepared for rigorous physical training that includes full resistance sparring. If a new student has previous jiu-jitsu experience, or comes from another grappling background like wrestling, judo, or sambo, they may attend these classes. If not, new students should attend the 'Beginners' and 'All Levels' classes until they are able to demonstrate the following techniques:

Solo Drills

  1. Forward Roll

  2. Backward Roll

  3. Hip Switches

  4. Back Fall to Technical Stand Up

  5. Back Fall to Penetration Step Stand Up

  6. Bridge

  7. Shrimp


Partner Drills

  1. Side Mount

  2. Mount

  3. Back

  4. Closed Guard

  5. Rear Naked Choke

  6. Kimura from Closed Guard

  7. Shrimping Side Mount Escape to Closed Guard

  8. Shrimping Mount Escape to Butterfly Guard

  9. Hip Throw

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