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Christmas Gift



Normally $349

Deal ends December 1st!

New Student Offer - 3 for $39

This is where to start. This will kick your jiu-jitsu practice off. We would like to welcome you into our gym where we've created a warm, friendly and challenging environment for adults and kids.

Tuesday Adult Beginner Program
1/9/24 - 3/12/24

This program is designed with the complete beginner in mind! Learn the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu in a friendly environment once a week for up to 10 weeks!

$99 for up to 10 weeks

* Normally $129 *

Train with us at Bay Jiu-Jitsu

We provide comprehensive, focused and engaging grappling and self defense classes for both the competitive and recreational practitioner with our world-class kids and adults programs in San Francisco.

Adults Program

Achieve incredible feats with incredible people

Everyone come to jiu-jitsu classes with different goals. Whether you wish to increase your self defense skill set, have a good workout or train for competition...our goal is to transform you in 3-6 months with capabilities you never knew you had. 

Kids Program

Build confidence, coordination, & teamwork

Kids have access to so many activities these days. A common need in all of them is the power of confidence. With 2-4 days of jiu-jitsu a week, each child will have the ability to compete in jiu-jitsu or use the mindset to go into other activities or sports with more vigor and intensity. Jiu-Jitsu builds a "never give up" attitude. We have classes for ages 4-16.

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